Icelandic Land Salmon

Why This Farm?

This farm is an innovative and shining beacon of how salmon should be reared with no adverse effects to the environment and no threat to any other species

Why Iceland?

Anyone who has visited will know that Iceland’s green credentials are of global renown & envy

The Energy

Iceland runs entirely on hydro, geothermal and wind energy, which means that every watt that powers This Farm facility is 100% renewable and its carbon footprint is zero. Energy costs for This Farm have been fixed for years in advance to give long term stability.

The Water

This farm has a unique abundance of pristine fresh & sea water which are naturally filtered through the porous lava bedrock below the facility. The natural geothermal energy of the bedrock keeps the water at a constant and ideal all year temperature for rearing salmon.

The Feed

This farm only uses the highest quality feed from environmentally certified suppliers.

The System

75% flow through system with 25% recirculation ensure that fish enjoy fresh, clean & highly oxygenated water naturally maintained at the optimum temperature.

The difference

Farmed Salmon from open cages at sea

LAND SALMON farmed on land in a controlled environment

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“ we can start eating salmon again !”

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