About This Farm

Environmentally conscientious & strong management.

The business is almost entirely funded within Iceland. The site Is under construction and is a fully owned 27 hectare site by the sea and a stone’s throw away from international shipping port.

The farm has technologically advanced systems with reduced handling and stress on fish resulting in an astonishingly low mortality rate.

Phased in operation – now entering phase one with an expected harvest of 500-1000 tons in 2023, increasing to 30,000 tons+ by 2027. Licenses already secured for expansion of operations

Hatchery – salmon brood stock entirely raised in Iceland from egg. Fully owned hatchery currently with about 2 million smolts situated less than 30 km from the grow out facility

The agreements are already in place for conversion of waste to compost for use in local greening & reforestation projects

Chris Mills

Chris is the founder of Upton Smokery and has been in the food business for 20 years. The Upton Smokery shop has featured in the Financial Times top 50 places to shop in the world.

Chris says – “I have been caught in a trap of supporting an industry (salmon farming) which I simply don’t believe in. Open cage salmon farming at sea is an environmental tragedy with such a low level of husbandry that, if people really knew what happened below water, they would never eat salmon again.

SILVERSCALE is changing that so I am thrilled to be part of this new initiative. Only good husbandry, pure water and zero chemicals can produce an end product to match its wild cousin.

Wild Atlantic salmon is an incredible species in terrible trouble. Open caged salmon farming at sea is having a dire effect on their very existence and the only responsible and sustainable form of salmon farming has to be done in a controlled environment on land. Iceland is the obvious place to achieve this.”

Wild Salmon

The story and life cycle of wild salmon is truly remarkable and it is no wonder why it has always been considered a barometer for the health of the planet. Few species are faced with as many difficulties as salmon and their journey, from fresh to sea water and back again, demonstrates the correlation between their existence and adverse human management and interference of marine and terrestrial environments.

Wild Atlantic salmon is now endangered and in desperate need of help. The contrasting curves of the increase in open cage salmon farming and the demise of wild salmon & sea trout stocks across the entire northern hemisphere is not coincidental. The impact of salmon farming and the varied pressures it places on wild fish (not only salmon) is very clear and now well documented.

The difference

Farmed Salmon from open cages at sea

LAND SALMON farmed on land in a controlled environment

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“..now we can start eating salmon again !”

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