Fish reared on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland

Land farmed salmon is the only responsible, sustainable & environmentally friendly way to farm salmon.

SILVERSCALE is the only company in the UK dedicated in the promotion, marketing & sale of fish from land based farming operations.

Icelandic Land Salmon

An exceptional fish reared in unmatched, pristine conditions from a country with an enviable reputation for sustainability and innovation

Icelandic Arctic Char

A lessor known & smaller cousin of salmon which has been sustainably farmed for decades in Iceland and is renowned for its superior quality

Only high quality raw materials can achieve high quality results

The farm’s commitment is to provide a healthy and natural food product – a tasty salmon of firm texture that exceeds quality expectations, rich in healthy omega-3, high-quality proteins and other nutrients.

The farm guarantees that throughout its life cycle, from egg to harvest, fish from this farm will remain uncontaminated from foreign agents.

In other words…

Crystal clear, lava filtered water

Natural geothermal activity heats the water to an ideal temperature for rearing salmon while the lava rock naturally filters out all sediment & impurities allowing the fish to grow in pristine conditions.

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“..now we can start eating salmon again !”

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